looking for analog meter

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anyone know of an analog meter DCv DCma with a center 0 scale so the pointer can deflect in both directions

-- Glenn Davis (BONER3988@aol.com), December 29, 2001


your looking for a center throw meter for compunding gen fields?

check your local electronics suppier the ycan help

-- jag (gipper067@yahoo.com), December 30, 2001.

If you want to set the neutral of any DC motor or generator you can use any analog meater with a 200 millivolt scale. ther is a simple way of doing this by using AC power applied to the feild coils. First you must be sure that the brush rigging is properly quartered and there is full brush contact with the commutator. Apply AC power to the feild coils that are connected in series, household current will work fine. Attach the meter leads to the brush holders at the A1 and A2 connections with the meter in the millivolt range. Mark the brush rigging before moving it, now move the brush rigging for the lowest reading on the meter. you may have to go to a higher scale. When the lowest measured voltage is reached tighen the brush rigging down and recheck. This is the true neutral of the feilds to the armature rigging. Also measure the voltage drop of each coil with AC power applied. It should devide equaly or be within 10% of each voltage drop. If not you may have shorted coils. Good Luck

-- D. kronenbitter (dkronenbitter@centricelevator.com), March 06, 2002.

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