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OK Gentlemen This is as obscure as my last question about the location of Butterworth on the Petersburg RR. What do we know about the Meherrin Valley RR. incorporated 1882 constucted 1882/1885 abandoned 1891. It ran between Margaretsville NC and Hicksford Va. (South Emporia). This info is from David Carriker's book "The North Carolina Railroad Map"

-- Eric Corse (, December 29, 2001


From 1888 POOR'S RR MANUAL: MEHERRIN VALLEY RAILROAD Margaretsville, NC, to Hicksford...20 miles (This is probably proposed mileage.) Sidings, 2 miles Gauge 4ft 8 1/2in rail: steel 40lb Chartered March 14, 1878. In operation from junction with Seaboard & Roanoke RR to Claresville, VA, 10 miles. The track of the S&R is used from junction to Margaretsville, 0.25 miles. Rolling Stock(May 1, 1883) Loco-1, Passenger cars-1, Baggage car-1, Boxcars-5, Flatcars-7. The road is being built by the Greenville Land & Lumber Co. It is proposed to extend the road to Danville, VA.

The MV RR was sold or reorganised in March 1887 as the MV RAILWAY and was abandoned in August 1891.

-- Tom Underwood (, December 30, 2001.

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