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Unk has my addy,Pammy..hate to bother him with silly stuff like this..just email me a note when you can,there's a reason why. I have ICQ set up still,if you use that..number is 46445215.

-- Cynthia (Cynthia@nowhere, December 29, 2001


Hi Cynthia! In case you see this before Unk does, my email address is real.

Just be sure to add the _ between pamela and sue.

-- Pammy (, December 29, 2001.

Cynthia, you have mail. So do you, JBT. : )

-- Pammy (, December 30, 2001.

"just email me a note when you can,there's a reason why."

And what might that reason be?

-- Dr. Laura (nosey @ jewish. bitch), December 30, 2001.

Dearest Dr. Laura, Pammy, JBT and I are all trading recipes for Secret Saurkraut Pudding,and may not have the recipe.

-- Cynthia (Cynthia@nowhere, December 30, 2001.

You don't want to share? May you burn in Hell with all of the deviant homosexuals and liberal traitors!

-- Dr. Laura (you'll @ be. sorry), December 30, 2001.

Burn in Hell? Hey,it's minus 5 here tonight,anything warmer is a plus with me.

-- Cynthia (Cynthia @nowhere, December 30, 2001.

IRREVERANT HUMOR ALERT: We feel it our duty to inform our readers that the above mentioned poster was responding in jest,ie.,in a humorous manner. We do not believe she desires to actually Burn in Hell. She is simply sleep deprived,cranky,and cold,and we expect a full recovery once spring comes and she thaws out. We apologize for any concern and anguish this may have caused one of our readers. CORRECTION/ any of our readers.

-- (Morality, December 30, 2001.

Hey, Cynthia! Good to "see" you again. I don't think I've used ICQ since you and I spent so much time chatting on it. I'll send you a quick note on ICQ today.

-- Anita (, December 30, 2001.

Cynthia: I think that MOST of us know now that this is all about this

It's pretty sad, IMO.

-- Anita (, December 30, 2001.

Thanks, Anita. I tried again to explain to Cin in the chatroom the difference between the persona of Pammy (modeled after Pamela Sue Anderson) and the REAL me. She had asked if I was a slut in real life, too. I told her I had been married for over 20 years, etc., and certainly was NOT like that in real life.

Cin has no interest in my 'mental health'. That isn't the true issue here. You'll find that JBT hit the nail on the head with this remark:

"Even worse yet I believe that it was done in order to hurt, embarrass or threaten this person and force them to behave in a manner that Cin feels is acceptable to her. Either that or it is being done out of pure spite."

-- Pammy (, December 30, 2001.

Forget about it, Pammy. Cin has two children born out of wedlock and she's calling YOU a slut? Of course she'll say that she was raped...TWICE? Nah. She's getting child support. I think the sexual problems lie within HER life, NOT yours.

That reminds me. I forgot to ask SO to tickle my eyelids with his fingernails. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day and there's ALWAYS a new sexual impetus to be explored, lest we allow these old guys to fall into the "need Viagra" mode.

-- Anita (, December 30, 2001.

Good Morning Pammy, Anita..nice to see both of you..I am still somewhat cranky,since my husband has the flu,and was feverish,tossing and turning and snoring all night. He has now developed a technique for snoring even while laying on his side,how one combats that,I haven't figured out yet.

Such a tempest in a teapot,over a fictional character,no less! You know,George Lucas has made up hundreds of fictional personas,all with their own habits,behaviors,and patterns of speech...does anyone seriously believe that in real life,Mr. Lucas secretly wants to be: A. an ancient,wizened little green guy; B. a slimy,sluglike alien mobster with a disgusting tongue; or C. a mostly snotty Princess,with danishes on her head ? I sure don't.

-- Cynthia (Cynthia@frozen in, December 30, 2001.

Sheesh! Knock it off you idiots! You're giving me a serious case of red-ass!

Now where's that goddam saurkraut recipe you bitches?!!

-- Dr. Laura (terminally @ pissed. off), December 30, 2001.

I hadn't realized you lived in Iowa, Cynthia. I guess that gives you and cornboy a bond of sorts. probably told me two or more years ago, but I've slept a few times since.

Pammy has said on at least one occasion that she was assuming a fictional character. I don't understand why Cin is "dissing" her under a religious thread on another forum. I've gotta believe that Cin is the one who has the guilt thing going on. *I* never would have judged her for having the two kids out of wedlock, but this whole scenario with Pammy just reeks of hypocrisy.

I'm glad that I don't go to chat anymore. I'm even considering dropping out of these online discussions. It's not OK to have a snake. It's not OK to have parents cremated per their wishes. It's not OK to eat meat. It's not okay to make sexual innuendos. It's all just too frickin' weird for some to bear. I feel like I'm in a CHURCH! [That was an idle threat, BTW. I'm still gonna post.]

-- Anita (, December 30, 2001.

Dearest Dr. Laura, I'll never,ever,EVER tell.

-- Cynthia (Cynthia@frozen, December 30, 2001.


You forgot... it's not okay to eat catfish either. They are all full of toxic poisons.

-- (don't@do.anything), December 30, 2001.

I have no idea who cornboy is..must be one of the newer people? We moved to Iowa in late August..nice people and all,I'm just not a midwest type person,I guess..I miss the East. But most of all I miss my two older sons,my daughter in law,and my 2 grandbabies..nothing will ever,ever,make up for the time I have lost with those precious babies..I feel as though my heart has been torn in two.

Anyway,anyway..*blows her nose* enough of that..glad to see a lot of familiar faces are here,and apparently alive and well. What's all this about a snake?

-- Cynthia (Cynthia@frozen, December 30, 2001.

The snake is just another of my "sins", Cynthia. Perhaps [in time], we can introduce Cin to the "geyser affect". I'm sure THAT will go over in a big way.

-- Anita (, December 30, 2001.

Gawd almighty damn! HEHEHE! I had forgotten all about that,Nita. Oh,but you are evil.... :)

-- Cynthia (Cynthia@frozen, December 30, 2001.

Cynthia, if you go to and type "stop snoring," you'll get back oodles of website matches about remedies. Which (if any) are effective I couldn't say, I'm just providing this information as a possible source of leads.

-- David L (, December 30, 2001.


So,that being said,thanks for the have no idea of the dreadful lengths I would go to, to get the noise to stop...

-- Cynthia (Cynthia@frozen, December 30, 2001.

I don't remember Cin saying anything about morality. What I think she said was that Pammy was annoying and gross. Does anyone have a link to where Cin says that Pammy is immoral and will burn in hell?

-- (show@us. please), December 30, 2001.

Oh Anita please don't go. I couldn't survive the day without hearing what's going on at your place.

What's next....chronological list of all your bowel movements? And maybe your kid's too. Gee that would be swell.

-- (now that@you mention. it), December 30, 2001.

I guess I'd better confess that I've only kissed the mule once. The day he came back when he'd been lost on the highway for two days, I planted a big smooch right on his lips. All the kissing after that was a lie. A false and terrible lie!

(p.s. Mules really drool. gag)

-- helen weeps (grant@me.absolution), December 30, 2001.

It makes me so hot hearing you talk about Mike, Helen.More, please more.

-- capnfun (, December 31, 2001.

Helen, dear, all is forgiven. Go and sin no more. ; )

"show us please" you need to re-read the thread. To my knowledge, Cin never told anyone they were going to burn in hell.

-- Pammy (, December 31, 2001.

I find this thread extremely funny. But one thing needs clearing up for me: is Cin=Cynthia?

-- Mara (, December 31, 2001.


-- (, December 31, 2001.

Handing Maria and "i" (unless of course you want to be Mara for a day.) ; )

Cin and Cynthia are two different people. (VERY different)

-- Pammy (, December 31, 2001.

Thanks Pammy I needed that!

-- Spelling it correctly (, December 31, 2001.

Burn in Hell you whores! You are not your kid's Moms!

-- Dr. Laura (go @ join. Atta), December 31, 2001.

Maria, I agree. It is funny...but, in a kinda sad, weird way. In the time honored tradition of all the Greenspun spinoffs, we have a couple of shape shifters who change their handles to post rude or mean comments. Glad to see Pammy and Anita aren't taking this too seriously.

-- (just, December 31, 2001.

Oh sure Anita, I am judging you for immorality for eating meat. That must be why I shared with you on your christmas cooking thread a recipe for prime rib.

I was right, you really are a bitch.

-- major major eye roll (cin@cin.cin), December 31, 2001.

Good grief, is this thread still going? I thought it would be buried in the archives by now :) Maria,to answer your question: I ain't her.

-- Cynthia (Cynthia@still, December 31, 2001.

Well, I haven't had that much time to look in lately. Could we summarize this as concluding that Cin has gone to the Dark Side. ;o))))

Best Wishes,,,,,


-- Z1X4Y7 (, December 31, 2001.

No way Z. =o)

-- you wish (cin@cin.cin), December 31, 2001.


Happy new year to all my buds! muahh muaaahhh xoxoxo

-- you wish (cin@cin.cin), December 31, 2001.

thanks I needed that! (I had to say "muahh muaaahhh" out loud a couple of times before I figgered it out.)

-- Lon Frank (, December 31, 2001.

Our family bowel movement journal

Day 1

#1 went #2

#2 went #2

#3 went #1

#2 went #1

#1 went #3

SO did a doodie

Be sure to check back tomorrow for a new up-to-the-minute update of daily goings-on at the homestead. Y'all come back now y'hear.

-- Anita (, December 31, 2001.

ROFLMAO Anita! Thanks, I needed that! Happy New Year's to ya!

-- Aunt Bee (, December 31, 2001.

Anita --

Tickling the eyelids was my original observation on the ekans/ snake thread. I actually got to see it demonstrated by turtles on tv last week. Tell your SO to watch PBS or the Animal Planet channel for instructions.

-- Oxy (, January 01, 2002.

Yes, Oxy. I remember well where I heard it. I simply keep forgetting to ask for it.

Aunt Bee: I didn't post that, but I wish I had. [I thought I'd posted that chronology a long time ago, creating a thread with 102 responses discussing form, color, sliders, floaters, etc.]

Cin: No moral implications at all on the meat eating. Sometimes what one person things is wrong/weird/creepy, etc. can be attributed to opinions with nothing to do with morals. You're right about being a bitch. I already agreed with you the LAST time you called me one.

Helen: Good news on the mule-kissing [I think.] Reduces the fear of flanders or glanders or whatever it was.

Happy New Years everyone. I hope y'all started the day as warmly as we did.

-- Anita (, January 01, 2002.

Anita, cin only called you a bitch. She called helen a fucking heartless bitch in this thread. Perhaps you should try a little harder? heehee

-- (take@look.), January 01, 2002.

we have a couple of shape shifters who change their handles to post rude or mean comments.

More than you'd imagine, actually. They don't seem to realize that some folks have ways of learning who they are. I learned a lot last year about who posted what, and it may be for that reason that I'm not interested in another get-together. If people need to assume a mask of anonymity to post what they think [aside from their "normal" anonymous handle], I think there's a side to them that I don't want to know.

-- Anita (, January 01, 2002.

Really Anita? You wouldn't be interested in partyin' a lil with us tried and true regulars? Drink a bit of beer, adjust the ol' attitude, raise more hell than pet monkeys etc... Iv'e had a LARGE time with yaw'll, wouldn't trade it for the world.

-- capnfun (, January 01, 2002.

"I hope y'all started the day as warmly as we did."

I have a feeling you're not talking about the weather. ; )

(yes, we did!) : )

-- Pammy (, January 01, 2002.

I'm not talking about you, Capn. E-mail me at the address. My old server no longer works. I'll tell you what I know.

-- Anita (, January 01, 2002.

Pammy: Old farts that we are, we watched DVD movies until 12:03 last night, paused briefly for the kiss of the New Year, and then watched a TV movie that went until 2:30am. We didn't awaken until 8:30 or so, but I think we both were hungry. [Hungry is a word that we've exchanged for that trashy word "Horny".] Food is of little significance compared to the body's need's the word.

Life is good.

-- Anita (, January 01, 2002.

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