White chicken loosing feathers.

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Thank you so much for your info. I have never had chickens before and was afraid I was doing something wrong. This is the first winter my chickens spent outside. Last year I brought them in my basement to keep them warm. You can't beleave how spoiled I have these birds! I went out today and bought a 250watt reptile heat bulb to keep there house warmer over the winter. There house is really big and the bulb will only keep it around 50*F but I guess it's better than nothing. It is so hard to find info on chickens in this area because there all farm chickens and the people don't really care about them too much. My chickins are pets. I will never eat them and only eat the eggs. Thank you so much and have a happy new year! Elisa_424@yahoo.com

-- Elisa (elisa_424@yahoo.com), December 29, 2001

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