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Why sometimes blue screen and green screen is used? Can I use any shade of blue and green color i.e. dark blue or dark green? Is there any hardware based compositing system?

-- Danish (, December 29, 2001


the pure blue or green form (with red) an rgb composite picture on a screen or film. it is used because they are most unlikely to be used in clothing or skin tones and other objects. In editing programs that colour is washed out with software filters and replaced with whatever background or image is wanted by the effects guys. Don't use different shades as diluting the colour will bring anyy marginal colour shifts into the area being blocked out and would look quite silly. I am unaware of hardware based systems. With DV there a number of software options but in mini dv because of the 'low' resolution you will see a bit od green or blue around the edge of your image. Some software will get rid of it to some extent but what they are - I dunno.

-- Banno (, February 06, 2002.

You need Adobe after fx. Use ultimate and spill suprssor-You need to choke the haze around the subject. Most important thing when doing blue & green screen is lighting. light the subject and the screen seperatly, and don't forget to white balance.

-- Mike s (, August 04, 2002.

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