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Maybe someone else has brought this up before. If so, I apologize for bringing it up again.

The early morning of 9-12-1683 was the beginning of the battle between Christianized Europe and the Ottoman Turks outside of Vienna. The Turks were routed. If they had been victorious, it was feared at that time that they would take all or most of Europe. They could have forcibly converted Europe to Islam, virtually wiping out the Roman church. I dunno about wiping out the Orthodox version. The outcome of this battle was extremely important. The encroachment of Islam was stopped there on that day.

It crossed my mind when reading this that 9-11 in the morning might be considered the beginning of 9-12 in Afganistan (evening may begin the next day). I wonder if the attacks on the morning of 9-11 were planned to begin on this day, or if it was just a day when all of the hijackers could get seats on the targeted planes?

My husband insisted I read history this week, so blame him. :)

-- helen (trekking@through.time), December 28, 2001


That is really interesting. Apparently Osama dwells on historical events such as the expulsion of Muslims from Granada, in Spain.

-- Peter Errington (petere7@starpower.net), December 29, 2001.

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