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I have just come into possession of a 3-a folding autographic brownie. I have been able to take the back off but I cannot for some reason open the front of the camera. I pull out the metal kodak emblem and pull on it but it still will not open, any assistance is appreciated!

-- David Friend (, December 28, 2001


re: how do you open up a 3a brownie?

Hi David,

I'm looking at a picture of your camera right now and I had the same problem when I got my first similar camera. You're pulling on the right tab but not pushing a "hidden" button. On one of the flat sides of the camera, I would say the top but it really isn't and I believe it's the opposite side from the screw hole, feel for a "hidden" button that will depress. Press it and gently pull the should open.

Good Luck,

Chuck Baker The Brownie Camera Page

-- Chuck (, December 28, 2001.

There is a hidden button on the side opposite the "what looks like a tripod socket," but what tab?. Mind just popped open when I stumbled on just one of several "hidden buttons."

-- Hoyt S. Bailey (, January 21, 2002.

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