Easy-weezy refrigerator pickles

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I may need a note since it has been so long since I have posted :) ...it would say 'it's been hectic. If you like a very sweet spicy pickle these are for you. I make them several times a year cause they don't last very long.

Need: 1 gallon jar of store bought whole pickles (I usually just pick up the whole dills) Ground red pepper minced garlic 5 lb bag of sugar (I usually use less...about 3/4 of a bag.)

Open the jar and drain out all the liquid. Dump the pickles in a large bowl. Slice each pickle back into the jar. I will do it in layers. A layer of sliced pickles...dump a tablespoon or so of ground peppers, a heaping spoonfull of chopped garlic. Pour sugar over to cover. Repeat until the jar is full. Let this mixture set. The pickles will juice creating enough to cover the pickles. Will have to tip and roll the jar occasionally to get all of the sugar dissovled. Just needs to sit a couple of days then you can dip out in smaller jars if you wish. Nothing in concrete about this recipe, can put as much pepper & garlic to your taste. They don't necessarily have to be put in the frig, will keep for a long time on the counter.

-- Lacey (cddllt@webtv.net), December 28, 2001


Glad to see you again. This recipe sounds awesome. I will have to try it some time! thanks.

-- Melissa (me@home.net), December 28, 2001.

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