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Hi Everybody, Having just purchased a house with a sizable greenhouse(approx. 15'x15'), I am excited to be trying new things. Here is a nice site on Greenhouse gardening.

What methods are y'all employing to extend the season?

Litttle bit Farm

-- Little bit Farm (, December 28, 2001


Hello LBF,

I plant lettuce during the cold months and grow it in the greenhouse. If it freezes the leaves, I just let them thaw out before I harvest. If you cut them while they are frozen, they will become a pile of mush.

I plant my Spring crops in the greenhouse around Februrary. (zone 5). By may they are ready to be planted in the garden. I grow everything including my tomatoes from seed and I have discover this work well for my area.



-- (, December 28, 2001.

I discovered greenhouse gardening is different the hard way - most of mistakes ended up on the compost pile. Mostly I wasn't using enough water. The plants don't have access to the soil (like container gardening) plus the humidity is different inside so a lot of mine died of pure old thirst. I hate to lose a plant so it was pretty disgusting until I got the hang of it. I make it a point to spend time in there every single day no matter what the season. Things can go wrong very quickly. Greenhouse time as gotten to be my time alone - no one bothers me while I am in there - it is very peaceful and good for the soul. Good luck - I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Linda

-- Linda Al-Sangar (, January 17, 2002.

I just read a wonderful book about four season gardening by Eliot Coleman. He recommends putting cold frames inside your greenouse in the winter. Then you can increase the variety of greens for salads that you can grown in the worst weather. I just got the book and have not tried it... it seems quite reasonable. Now his greenhouse is much larger than mine but I will try it in a smaller way next winter. He also does not heat his greenhouse at all. And for vegetables that tolerate colder temps, he still plants carrots etc. in his cold frames that are outside. He harvests them all winter.

-- Chris in PA (, February 17, 2002.

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