why are some people photogenic

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I am looking for any and all information on what makes someone photogenic. I have been a commercial photographer for 20 + years and have done a lot of glamour and fashion and I'm still amazed that I cannot just look at someone and tell if they're going to photograph well.

I think that I have a pretty good idea in that the camera using one " eye " does not use the binocular vision like our eyes do but if anyone knows any more information on the subject I would greatly appreciate your input

thank you very much for your time Terry Drymon

-- Terry Drymon (terry.drymon@verizon.net), December 27, 2001


I think that it has a lot to do with how the person feels inside. Low self esteem etc. Some may come over all bubbly but underneath there is a measure of uncertainty. Also some people can project their personality more than others. I have found that some *beautiful* people rely on their outer looks, having found it easy in life to charm their way along. The lens I feel to be not so persuaded. This I feel goes some way to explaining how some quite ordinary *plain Janes* can look quite expressive and atractive while a more beautiful person can come ot looking quite ordinary.

Why is it that the first shots can be quite flat while the last of a series often come out the best. Becomeing relaxed is part of it but also confidence and the feeling of well being resulting from a successful shoot.

Thats my surmation anyway, derived from years of photographing.

-- Greg Pratt (gregpan@ozemail,com.au), February 19, 2002.

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