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Has anyone gone out shopping? I heard on the news that the retailers are supposed to really cut prices, as the season wasn't as successful as they had wished. Worst in a decade I thought it said.

Oh well, I didn't go out yesterday or today, but I will on Saturday. Kids are meeting their 4-H club for bowling, and we gave them each $10 to buy a pair of jeans, as it is hard to find the right sizes and styles.

So if you found any great bargains let us know what you got!

-- Melissa (, December 27, 2001


You could not pay me to go out shopping now!!! I am going to wait until mid January and hit the second hand stores and Salvation Army and see what everyone thru out to make room for the new. Last year I got a car load for next to nothing!!And it was really nice stuff! Then I will go to the fabric stores and see what is on clearance for next years christmas season and hopefully pick up some flannel on sale for some p.j's for me!God Bless

-- Micheale from SE Kansas (, December 27, 2001.

Ha! I'm being good and not buying! Yesterday I had to take my granddaughter back to her mom and dad (we always meet at WalMart). On the way over I was listening to the news on the radio...they were talking about all the huge sales this year and one lady shopper said something like, "I'm finding such great bargains, I have to buy even if I don't like the stuff!" DUH!? The only things I bought were 2 boxes of 1/2 off Christmas cards (I ALWAYS buy my cards for next year at the 1/2 off sales) and several spools of fabric ribbon (will use for crafts and gifts next year). That was it! In the past, I've occasionally bought things we needed for the family at the after Christmas sales (like clothes) but don't often buy much else. If I were to buy clothes or toys for future gifts, I couldn't return them at a later date if they didn't fit the recipient or were damaged.

Today I "splurged" and hit my local thrift store, found 4 neat craft books for 25 cents each, and a 1935 gift edition of "In His Steps" by Charles Sheldon for 50 cents, then got to take 1/2 off the total as they were having a book sale. The craft books each have projects in them that I'll use for gifts next Christmas.

I ended up having unexpected guests this year that I had to buy last minute gifts for, and it totally blew my budget. Decided next year I am making as many gifts as possible to help keep the costs down.

-- Lenette (, December 27, 2001.

I really splurged yesterday when Lance and I took the boys shopping. I bought myself a new pair of boots, black leather that come up about 8 inches and are sooo soft! I also bought a pair of stretchy knit slacks off of the clearance rack at Lerner's for not much more than I would have paid for the material and pattern!

Okay, now I have to get on my soapbox just a little. Why is it that every store I go into has petites up the wazoo, but next to nothing in talls, and if you do find them, the absolute smallest size you can find in most stores is a medium or about a 10? I was blessed (read that cursed) with being tall and skinny, and while that may be great for actual models, for us real people who don't like to spend $50 on a pair of jeans that are long enough, we are just up the creek! I think I have tried on every pair of jeans Wal-Mart has before I finally gave up. They used to carry one brand and size in talls that fit perfectly and was reasonably priced, but I guess they didn't move fast enough to suit the manufacturer, and I can't find them anywhere now! Okay, enough soapbox for now, I am just glad to get my cheap slacks and will wear them until they fall off my body!

-- Christine in OK (, December 28, 2001.

My husband and I went yesterday and my husband and son went today. There were a few things on sale but no give away prices. Only Christmas items were 1/2 off. I got a table cloth and napkins for a wedding present since it was all white. We had a nice ride and the sun was out where we went. Will try the Jan clarance sales. I always like to stock up on socks,gloves and t- shirts for the grandkids.

-- Jo (, December 28, 2001.

I would love to go shopping, however with the weather cold as it is it will probably have to wait til after the weekend. Supposed to be in the 20's all weekend, haven't heard about anymore snow.

-- melinda (, December 28, 2001.

Been out twice shopping. Actually need some things and did some looking around while I was out. I didnt see anything that jumped out at me as a good price. At least something I was interested in. The wife did pick up some wrapping paper,bows and ribbons cheap, but nothing important like tools. -:)

-- Gary (, December 28, 2001.

Gary, it's too late now but, for next year remember Sears always has all their hardware at 50% off until noon on the day after Christmas.

-- Gary in Indiana (, December 28, 2001.

Christine's letter reminds me of shopping with my sister for a bra. She has no bust to speak of and rarely wears a bra, but does for business meetings, under certain clothes, etc. Anyway we were shopping and she had found this one certain kind of bra at Walmart that she liked but couldn't it anywhere. She finally gave up and moved to the girls department to look for ideas of clothes to sew for her niece and she found her bra--in the training bra section. We laughed and laughed. She bought one, though.

-- Barbara Fischer (, December 29, 2001.

I just came in from the after Christmas shopping jaunt. I bought some new dish towels, and hit Bath and Body works for a good sale. I love the orange blossom scent and bought enough to last for a year!!! That was my big splurge for the year, now I am staying home for a month. I also bought some sheets to make curtains. The kids bought jeans and some shirts on sale.

We went to Pizza Hut for lunch, and bowled one game. Then I went into Aldi's quickly and headed home as it started snowing again.

-- Melissa (, December 29, 2001.

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