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In a new seed catalog I sent for...(Seed Savers Exchange)....I spotted Winged Pea or Asparagus Pea. My kids eat sugar snap peas like candy, so I though I'd give these a try.

Here is a link to it's desciption.

Winged or Asparagus Pea

Anyone every tried these?

Do they taste like peas or asparagus or neither?

They look so odd I think I will plant them this year, even if they don't taste good, they are still a legume and good for the soil.

-- Jason in S.Tenn. (, December 27, 2001


I planted asparagus peas a few years back. Don't think they taste like peas or asparagus! They grow looking alot like Okra, but don't cook up slimy. Kind of a grassy flavor, not bad with garlic (everything is good with garlic!!) Pretty red flowers, as I recall, but not very prolific like peas. I'd call it more a novelty than a vegetable. Sue

-- Sue (, December 27, 2001.

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