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Does anyone have any new info about MV possibly going out of business or Cagiva shutting down production? I know this is something MV owners seem to blindly deny. My former employer who is a dealer who travels to Italy at least 4 times a year just came back from the Bologna Motor show and said the word was that the Piaggio deal didn't favor Cagiva dumping any of the money into the MV project and the word on the street is that Cagiva will deny it all until all units have been sold. He is someone who I respect greatly and he's always been one to ignore gossip. I'm several days from taking possession of an F4 and I'm a little afraid of owning something that is a first generation Italian machine with the only parts available coming from a shrinking pool of existing materials. This sounds kind of like a cliché doesn't it. Can you imagine what the expense would be if a major engine overhaul where necessary. I know, if you have to ask you can afford it. Well I can afford it but I'm not stupid. "Italian passion" has bitten me in the ass too many times to ignore this kind of thing. Thanks, Sean Edwards

-- sean edwards (, December 27, 2001


Let's hope not. I got mine in April, and while I have had zero problems so far, sooner or later something will break and I'll need a part. I can't afford to hire a machine shop to make one-off parts for me.

-- Brad Cowell (, December 27, 2001.

Oh well. Screw it. I bought it today. Sean Edwards P.S. If I had brains instead of balls I would've just bought a new Katana 600. Who am I to question?

-- sean edwards (, December 27, 2001.

I can't see MV going down the pan.It's holds too much brand value & if exploited properly like Ducati it will make a lot of money.Gilera as a brand does not have this Magic associated with it's name.For Piaggio & it's investment group (Morgan Greenfell?) to throw in the towell without giving it a crack would be a poor show.However the greater picture is that many predict a worldwide recession & many large investment banks are reluctant to invest.Has Ducati's bubble burst?

-- Ben Paul Thomas (, January 01, 2002.

My dealer (in Orlando, FL) assures me that getting parts has yet to be an issue. I can remember the old Ducati days when warranty replacements could take months and months.

So far orders have been pretty smooth, especially after the Piaggio deal. Case in point: I ordered parts in mid December for my F4s. They arrived today 1/4/2002. For me, that's acceptable, especially with the holidays.

Add to that: no mechanical problems whatsoever in 1200 miles.


-- Scott Gurney (, January 04, 2002.

Just spoken to Three Cross spares dept (UK MV Importer) & have ordered some parts for my Cagiva.Parts were not in stock so will be ordered from Cagiva in Italy.ETA according to the parts guy will be within 2 weeks the latest.He said it's likely the parts will be delivered within 7days. I let you know when they arrive.

-- Ben Paul Thomas (, January 04, 2002.

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