3200 Kodak film

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I am needing any information on high speed films (3200) I shoot in low light conditions (hand held only), but I find this film to be too grainy. I am wanting more contrast (more black and white, less grey) and sharper detail. I send my film out to be developed. Thanks.

-- Charlie Samples (csamples@mmcable.com), December 26, 2001


If you want more contrast, you're in luck. Pushing EI400 to higher EIs does just that. I can't advise you on what the best film/dev combination is currently, but lots of people swear by Tri-X in D76 or Xtol (e.g. Anchell + Troop in "The Film Development Cookbook")

If you send your film out, some development in excess of the standard time for the EI400 film would, of course, be necessary.

-- john stockdale (jo.sto@bigpond.com), December 27, 2001.

If possible, provide details (developer, dilution, temperature, type of tank, agitation technique, etc.) of the processing procedure used by the lab you sent it to. At that point, someone might be able to determine if the processing is at fault, or if you are asking for more than the film can deliver. Also, are you making your own prints, or getting the prints from the lab? Are they custom prints or made by a machine? Again, please provide details of the printing process.

-- Michael Feldman (mfeldman@qwest.net), December 27, 2001.

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