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My chickens what hatched out Christmas day will start to a-layin' aggs when?

-- I M Goode (, December 26, 2001


Response to laying hens

Depends if you hatched out any hens!!!!!!! The last 10 we hatched out/ all turned out to be roosters-----not many eggs from them!! ha!

-- Sonda (, December 26, 2001.

Response to laying hens

If you got pullets !!!! Laying about may !!

-- David R In TN. (, December 26, 2001.

Response to laying hens

"Please don't use a fake email address; it creates a lot of technical problems for the community. For example, this software will send you an email alert if someone responds to your message and those alerts will bounce back to us if the address you type isn't valid."

Well, no, phony email addresses cause alerts to be sent to the wrong place as often as they bounce. There is no such person as I M Goode and the email address is false.

-- webmaster (, December 26, 2001.

Response to laying hens

Having read "webmasters" response, I will tell you that your hens will never lay, since they cannot trust you. You are dishonest, and even chickens can figure that. Shame on you! BL!

-- Brad (, December 27, 2001.

Response to laying hens

Can't blame you for not wanting to put your real email address, then have your mailbox fill up with spam.

Here's a good idea, go get a 'throwaway' email account with yahoo! or someone else. Many of them will allow you to have messages forwarded to your actual email address. That way you can have your privacy and eat it too. is an email alias, that is, it is not an actual email address, but if you send mail there, it will be forwarded to my actual email address. I do the same for anywhere I register, and if I start getting spam, I find out which alias it is coming to and cancel only that alias. No one but me knows my real email address. Try it when you post again, or don your flame suit!

-- chuck in md (, December 28, 2001.

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