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I just bought a Fujinon A 300mm f9 EBC(not the AS). I already have a an excellent Nikkor 300M f8 which I love for 4x5. Before I decide which to sell I wonder what the forum might have to say about them. So far I have found they are comparable in image circle, and that the Fuji A is aparently corrected for 1:1 close up. I do mostly landscape and close scenics but not often 1:1 or studio. I would have been just as happy to get the Fuji when I bought the Nikkor but now have a very pleasant dillema.

-- Bob Finley (, December 26, 2001


Sorry that's Nikkor 300M f9. Too many f# for such a small brain.

-- Bob Finley (, December 26, 2001.

they are very similar lens, just test both with slides and BW at distance subject...

-- dg (, December 26, 2001.

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