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Would like to hear from anyone who has had any growing experience with Shitake Mushrooms, good, bad or otherwise.


On a Mtn In SE West Virginia

-- Bill Vaughn (, December 26, 2001


Bill, type ATTRA, click "go". Its a free service of the Ag. Dept., when there click publications, then click related topics, tons of info.

-- mitch hearn (, December 26, 2001.

we grew shitake a few years back with somewhat mixed results. we didn't have easy access to the suggested hardwood to grow them on (can't remember the specifics at present) but tried with what we did have. we used the spore impregnated dowels. first year was disappointing but they picked up after that and we had some nice flushes over the next 2~3 years until the host tree limbs we were using finally turned to dust. slugs were a big problem where we were living at the time and they chewed up about half of what we grew but what we did end up with was great. have been thinking of trying them again myself. here's a good place to shop: biggest problem was keeping them moist. they would dry out, we'd figure they were done for, then we would always be surprised with another batch appearing over night. are you thinking cash crop or dinner table? either way - good luck!

-- B. Lackie (, December 26, 2001.

Anyone have a good source for the plugs. We finally found a company that carried them and when I called they said they were discontinuing. Kim

-- kim (, December 27, 2001. -I hadn't looked at their site for a coon's age but was going through it yesterday and saw something very cool (but a bit expensive) - chainsaw oil that has mushroom spore mixed in so that when you cut you insert spore in the stump/log ends. what a great idea - to start a mushroom area just fill the chain reservoir and let her rip. both a soft wood and hard wood version is offered. has anyone tried this? wonder how well it works.

-- B. Lackie (, December 27, 2001.

My mother has a very sucessful business in North Central WV she syarted about 8 yrs ago and except for the drought she has done vry good. but it is alot of work and your summers are shot you have to spend so much time in the woods picking and soacking.

-- sonneyacres (, December 27, 2001.

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