Fairing Right Side Silver for F4

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Well I did it....I handn't owned the bike for more than 2 hrs and it fell over in my enclosed trailer...(now I use canyon dancers) and slightly scratched the right side silver fairing. I ordered a new one and it should be here any day. Any one wishing to purchase a nearly new right side fairing with minor surface scratches(silver side) please call me price $350 plus shipping....Keith Denver CO.

-- Keith Abraben (kcabraben@aol.com), December 26, 2001


What did the replacment fairing cost ?

-- Joe Pierzynski (joe.pierzynski@wcom.com), December 31, 2001.

Please email me a close up picture of the fairing. I live in Denver as well.

Thanks, Eli

-- Eli Gonzales (muscleman360@hotmail.com), June 01, 2004.

Mid section fairs cost $800 from the factory. You can get an unpainted carbon fiber from Casoli, Moto Wheels, or FBC, but that will cost about $400 w/o stickers.

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, AZ) (Agibbs996@aol.com), June 01, 2004.

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