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Just wondering is there anyone who sells long distance phone cards for less then 3.4 cents/minute. (Currently at Sam's Club) I am not interested in the ones that charge 50 cents to hook you up each time, I know they are less,(1 cent/ minute), but unless you are going to talk for a long time they are not worth it, and they expire after so many days too. Let me know if anybody can beat this price on 24/7 service. Thanks. (Getting a little cheaper, or as I prefer to think, wiser as I get older)

Talk to you later.

-- Bob in WI (bjwick@hotmail.com), December 26, 2001


www.bigzoo.com 3.9 cents a min, or 2.9 if you live wherer they have a direct access nnumber,,it works like a calling card. There is a .75 a month fee for it though,, but its still not bad.

-- stan (sopal@net-port.com), December 26, 2001.


Thanks for the response. It seems your company is slightly cheaper than Sam's Club, but unfortunately I don't have any access numbers in my area needed to use the company.

Talk to you later.

-- Bob in WI (bjwick@hotmail.com), December 26, 2001.

onesuite.com works the same way as Big Zoo. It's 2.9 cents a minute. I've been using it for quite a while and am pleased. I keep a Sams phone card for a back up.

Nancy in N. Texas

-- Nancy in Texas (nancyr@ntin.net), December 26, 2001.

I have been trying to find a way to get into big Zoo. I have a problem. I can not dial out on my number. The pound key will not work. Hope someone can help me with this.

Thank You Dorothy Highfield

-- Dorothy Highfield (dar7@earthlink.net), June 25, 2002.

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