Tetenal E-6

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I was in a shop today purchasing some chemical, and see that Tetenal has an E-6 package for use with the Chromes. I would use it with Velvia and Provia. I just wonder what others think aout this product, as I am mainly a B&W developer, and am now thinking about getting into Slides. I wonder how difficult it is to use, how fussy about temp. and of course mix. Not that I am a lousy technician, but simplicity is always , how can I say it, Elegant. Thanks for your help, and cheers, PN

-- Paul Nelson (clrfarm@westnet.com.au), December 26, 2001


I've used the Tetenal 3 step kits for a couple years and I love them. Temp is pretty critical, but the process is really no more difficult than B&W.

-- Jim Kish (jim@kishbike.com), December 26, 2001.

Stay with the 3 step chems at first. Use a large water bath, like a five gallon picnic cooler for a water bath temp control if you're not using a Jobo. If you keep tight temp control you should do fine.

-- Andy (akkup@mindspring.com), December 28, 2001.

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