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was reading an interesting article on thermos cooking. Am thinking of trying a few recipes,, does anyone else do this? Seems like a good idea,, make it in the moring, by lunch,,its warm and done.

-- stan (, December 25, 2001


Stan- interestingly enough I read about thermos cooking for the first time just a few weeks ago in an old book. I tried it but did not have much success. Then, last week, someone on the CS forum referenced a website for raising catfish in a barrel- that website also included an article on thermos cooking. I learned that I probably failed for a couple of reasons- 1. I did not pre-warm the thermos; 2. I bought the wrong kind of thermos. I bought a wide mouth thermos, but should have gotten the kind with the narrow opening. I am going to try this again- I like the idea, and maybe it will work out better this time.

-- Elizabeth (, December 28, 2001.

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