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Well, it is the day before Christmas. We are bound to our traditions. Today is bright and sunny here. The temperature climbed to a high of 19F and is now dropping. Still with all of the passive solar heating we have the house is holding at 70F. So, even though the house is warm, we started a fire in the fireplace [a better place than the kitchen floor ;o)]. Didnít think of turning on the blower and using the heat; it would have driven us out of the room.

The store had King Crab on sale. We made an apple-blueberry pie [from our McIntosh tree and blueberry bushes in the yard]. I steamed the crab and we had it with fresh herb bread, drawn butter and smoked Copper River Salmon. We set on the couch, watched the fire and picked crab [and fought off cats]. Iím not pretentious about food; it is just that we have lived so many places that we have developed these traditions. King Crab is a little like trying to eat a porcupine that has been cooked with the quills on. It is best handled with a hammer, but the wife would not let me use a hammer on the coffee table; so it was lobster crackers. Not as good as we used to get off of the boats, but really quite good.

This reminds me of a story. It was some time ago in Maine. We were visiting relatives. We went down to the docks in South Freeport to buy some lobsters. Back then, you didnít go down and buy things. You went down and talked fur a piece with the lobsterman. This one was a crusty olífeller that my relative knew. We were standing there talking and this young feller came roaring in in a Porsche. He hopped out of the car and came strolling over. He was in tennis shorts and had a very expensive sweater draped over his shoulders with the arms tied under his chin. He barged through and said "my good sir, give me two of your best". Now, the FIL and I had trouble not laughing. The olí guy pulled out two lobsters and said, "you really like lobster do you". The guy brought his fingers together in front of his pursed lips and said," nothing better than lobster dipped in drawn butter". He took his bag of lobsters, jumped into the Porsche and sped off. The olíman looked at us and said, "Hell, horse shit would taste good dipped in drawn butter". ;o))))

Best Wishes and Happy Holidays,,,,,


-- Z1X4Y7 (, December 24, 2001


Good yarn but I disagree. Horseshit would not taste good in drawn butter.

I am about to leave for an annual Christmas Eve party in Zionsville, a few miles from here. Fun people, 3 generations. I always enjoy it.

It is 18 deg F and snow flurries.

Not enough snow to drive the horse and sleigh.

Have a merry one,

-- (, December 24, 2001.


Have a good time. Looks like it will get near 0 F here tonight. I have the beer stored on the front porch. Better bring it in or look forward to eating beercicles in the day tomorrow. :<)))

Best Wishes,,,,,


-- Z1X4Y7 (, December 24, 2001.

When it comes to Christmas traditions, I am flexible. The only one I insist on is inviting my immediate family over for the afternoon. We laugh a lot when we are together. I enjoy that very much.

Pretty much the whole rest of the shebang -- tree, lights, carols, special food -- could go by the wayside, if I can just keep that one tradition. Everything else is trimming on the tree, so to speak. Tomorrow will be a happy day, god willing.

-- Little Nipper (, December 24, 2001.

//.y PHav0rite KHriZtmaZ traditi0n iZ t0 get Zt0ned and watKh wreZtling 0n TeleviZi0n! Then Grandma getZ nekkid and getZ Zh0t 0ut 0PH a KirKuZ Kann0n while we all Khant and make wierd n0iZeZ!

KhriZtmaZ iZ hard t0 beat!

-- Lamerd00d (, December 27, 2001.

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