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I'm really new to split toning but I have a print I want to tone green and brown (sepia or red). I use Bromoforte paper which responds very well to toning in general. I also red that it splits red/green easily. Now, how to achieve that? And which desities would tone green and which would turn warm? And how can I control it?

Regards Xosni

-- Xosni (, December 23, 2001


The classic way to get green tones was vandium toning. I think there are commercial green toners available - if memory serves me right, I think Fotospeed offers a bleach-redevelop version. This would be similar to bleach-redevelop sepia. So, you should be able to have either green highlights or green shadows. The way it would work would be as follows. First decide what colors you want the light end of your scale - let's for example say, you want the light to midtones in sepia. You would then bleach partly and redevelop in the sepia toner, which would convert the silver to silver sulfide. Now move to the green toner bleach. Assuming this is a standard silver bleach, it should leave the yellow silver sulfide unaffected and start bleaching the midtones and shadows (which were not bleached to completion in the sepia bleach - note the sepia bleach would partly bleach and redevelop these areas also but the green would dominate eventually - there might be no way but to experiment for the effect you want). Then redevelop in the green toner.

Good luck, DJ.

-- N Dhananjay (, December 23, 2001.

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