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Could anyone possibly provide me with a name of a good yarn mail order company? Thanks!

-- CJ (cjtinkle@getgoin.net), December 22, 2001


The best place I have found on line is 'Country Yarns' I have trouble finding Cabelia thread in different colors, and she has the best and cheapest prices available. Internet address is www.countryyarns.com Hope this helps.

-- Bear (barelyknow@aol.com), December 22, 2001.

I sell wool yarn from my sheep. Check out my farm and our wool at www.sheepyvalley.com .

-- Kate henderson (kate@sheepyvalley.com), December 23, 2001.

Being interested in the same question, I checked out the site Bear suggested but they only sell books and paphlets and thread...no yarn! Wonder why they call it country "yarn"???

-- Karen (db0421@yahoo.com), December 23, 2001.

I've found some good web sites with online catalogs, but I was looking for a paper catalog. Years ago I used to order from a OH GOSH! I just remembered the name, Hershners! Lo and behold, they're still there, the url is: http://www.herrschners.com Well, I guess I'll order their catalog and see how much they've changed.

-- CJ (cjtinkle@getgoin.net), December 23, 2001.

One place to watch for very reasonably priced yarn is Ebay. Go to the Toys and Hobbies section and keep choosing Hobbies until you find Needlecraft. Then choose Knitting or Crochet. Lots of very interesting yarn there!

-- Carol - in Virginia (carollm@rockbridge.net), December 23, 2001.

www.patternworks.com www.fingerlakes-yarn.com (these folks advertise in Countryside) www.yarn.com www.halcyonyarn.com

-- Sandie in maine (peqbear@maine.rr.com), December 23, 2001.

You might want to check out Lion Brand Yarns. They have some really beautiful colors, and you can order over the internet. If you do a search on google or one of the other engines, you can come up with all sorts of sites that have yarn for sale. Good luck.

-- Julie (rjbk@together.net), December 24, 2001.

Just remember that if the company (Lion Brands is a very good example, they are in Walmart, Fred Meyer, and other places) sells product in your state, they will probably have to collect sales tax from you, not only on the product, but perhaps also on the shipping as well. Sometimes if you ask nicely and are willing to pay half up-front (sometimes not necessary, depends upon the store) the store can order the specific yarn for you and call when it is ready.

-- GT (nospam@nospam.com), December 24, 2001.

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