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Hey all you children of the 60's. Let's see how well you know your stuff. (I'm curious to see how well Flint does) And hey I'm not tellin how I did.

Are you a drugs bore?

-- (cin@cin.cin), December 22, 2001


19/30. Talked myself out of the right answer on PCP. Man I knew I knew the name of that stuff from when I worked at the company that made drugs for animals. Used to see 50 pound bags of the stuff stacked on pallets clear to the ceiling.

-- Jack Booted Thug (, December 22, 2001.

More than I should know, if I had only been a good boy.

-- Please (don't @ tell. Santa), December 22, 2001.

Ok, I'm a straight kid from the 50's. So I only got 3/30. You can call me drug illiterate. Guess I never needed to know that stuff, then or now!

-- Aunt Bee (, December 22, 2001.

Couldn't figure out how to get to the quiz. Guess that means I've done too many drugs.

-- (brain@on.drugs), December 22, 2001.

Figures I'd poke my head in and there'd be a drug thread waitin' for me.

JBT, that's an impressive score.

I got 20/30 meself. Guess I've been out of the drug loop too long. I expected a higher score than that.

Happy Holidays folks and folksettes.


-- Rich (, December 23, 2001.

Doesn't seem to work in Netscape. Can someone tell me how to get to the questions? I just keep getting that same stupid picture of some jerk's mouth.

-- (, December 23, 2001.

You might have Javascript turned off. Didn't work for me either but I am too lazy to turn it back on cuz I have to reboot etc. Dunno how I'd do. Used to know the drug scene a couple decades ago. It's probably changed a lot.

-- Debbie (, December 23, 2001.

No, my javascript is turned on, it reads other sites okay. Some of the newer webmasters design pages strictly for Microsucks Explorer and they ignore Netscape functionality. Fuck 'em. Thanks anyway.

-- (, December 23, 2001.

How much do you know about drugs?

Not very much I guess.... 14/30

-- Pammy (, December 23, 2001.

That's okay Pammy. Some of us get high in other ways.

-- Jack Booted Thug (, December 23, 2001.


-- Pammy (, December 23, 2001.

I can't remember what I know about drugs

-- (just, December 24, 2001.

I got 13. It said this wasn't very good, but somehow I don't mind all that much.

-- Flint (, December 26, 2001.

Its always the memory that goes first Flint.

-- Jack Booted Thug (, December 27, 2001.

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