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I have reqested MIG policy from my lender's lawyers, they say that I am not party to this agreement as the policy is between the lender and the indemnity insurer. Surely when I paid these premiums I am entitled to see a copy of this policy? They will not advise me of the percentage recoverable from the insurers. Please help me undersand where I stand in this posiion and whether I should continue to persue them for a copy of the MIG. They keep requeting salary slips as they say that they are unable to assess my offer of full and final settlement, why do they need these before accepting what I can pay? All answers gratefully received Thanks in advance


-- Jessie (jessie01@talk21.com), December 22, 2001


See "made an offer" previous Q&A topic, about five before yours.

The Information Commissioners office holds the view that if you are held responsable/paying for something, then you are entitled to see all data pertaining to the responsability. That's the theory anyway.

So, if you have served a SARN on your lender and your MIG insurers, they should have provided you with ALL details of the MIG policy.

If they have not then request an assessment from the Information Commissioner by sending them a letter and enclosing copies of all documents.

Good luck.

-- anon (i.hate.abbey.national@another.com), December 22, 2001.

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