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How is it that to this day (my property was reposessed in 1990 with no paperwoek every signed by me or reaching me regarding this) that I was finally contacted at a new address out of the blue in 1997 demading 35,000.00. We were taken to court and still no figures ever given as to a resell value they achieved. We have been paying a monthly figure now for the last 4 years. They keep obtaining means forms for us to fill in - but as my husband us self employed I am not sure if this actually means anything. They have asked to settle for a sum of 7,000 but we feel this is too high as we have paid some money to reduce the bill. My question is why have they still not produced evidence of how much the property was sold for - and are they obliged by law to do so - i asked DLA and they ignored this part. This really is proving to be a drawn out case. - When I mentioned to DLA that I had seen an article in the national press saying that they were prepared to half all their debts through reposession - they said this did not apply to us as is had already gone to court - is this also correct? Pleas help if you can -thanks . kim

-- kim gonsalves (, December 22, 2001

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