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Maybe most of you have your presents wrapped already, and I'm sorry I didn't have time to mention this sooner. We haven't wrapped yet since the packages may need to be inspected at the border.

This can be adapted to any season or occasion.

I buy an end-of-the-roll of newsprint from the local paper. This supplies enough scribble paper and wrapping paper for a REALLY long time. It is nice and big for murals and body-sized "paper dolls" or the children cut smaller pieces off whenever they want scribble paper.

For wrapping paper, cut the size piece you need and lay flat on table. Cut shapes from sponges and dip in paint, scraping excess off edge of container. I squirted liquid tempera into margarine tubs and added about an equal amount of water to make paint thin enough; blend water into paint thoroughly. Let the paper dry overnight.

-- Cathy N. (, December 21, 2001


I saw a cute idea for leftover Christmas wrap on the TV... use it as a tablecloth to dress up Christmas dinner. :o) They taped it on the corners, etc. and had a big cheerful table that you can just rip off the paper and toss after the mess is done. (They also added a ribbon and bow to make the table look like a present) Happy Holidays!

-- notnow (, December 22, 2001.

Really funny, Notnow! My mom would love the idea, and so would the children who are normally assigned to cleaning off the table!

-- Cathy N. (, December 22, 2001.

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