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Just noticed an old post that mentioned "Dinky's Sale Barn". Sounds like a good time on Friday nights! Can anyone out there give me some more info about it? Maybe the hours, any special events (livestock on certain nights, crafts on others, etc.) and some directions from a good-sized town (I'm familiar with Jasper, and it looks like Dinky's is North of that. Somewhere off 150?). Looked it up on Yahoo! maps and the address is Rr 1 Montgomery, IN and it said it couldn't provide an accurate map (What good are these danged computers anyway?). Thanks in advance!

-- Campfool (, December 21, 2001


Find washington indiana on your map. It ewill be north west of Jasper on Hwy 50. GO east on 50 till you co through Montgomrty (5-7) miles. Stay on 50 east till you come to a flashing caution light. This is the canelburg cross roads. Turn North. 6-7 miles on your right (East) you can not miss it it is huge. THey have 7 auctions going at once with stagerstarts you might want to show up about 5:30 PM to get your bidding ticket and plan to stay till midnight. It is every friday night. You name it they have it small anmials, largte animals, cars tractors, furniture, guns, tools...WHat ever you want it is there

There is a very rare friday that they are closed maybe three times a year fo special horse shows and such...It is a great time. If you are going to sell go around the first of the month, If you are going to buy go neat the end of the month

-- grant (, December 21, 2001.

Hi Campfool, The actual town is Montgomery. They're phone number is 812-486- 2880. Call before you go because there are times when they do not have the sale. Most Fri.'s they do but I have gone all the way there only to find that they advised everyone the week before that there was not to be an auction the next week. The trip with livestock for naught. We go occasionally they have good prices on small animals, dairy goats go high, some horses are cheap I've seen them go for between $250. -$400 on a regular basis. It's Amish country so watch out for buggies. It's a great place to take the family. A lady wouldn't feel uncomfortable like some at auctions. You will have to buy a Dinky's sale card costs $1.00 even if you don't buy anything it speeds up the sign-up process after the first time. Enjoy have fun.


-- Linda (, December 21, 2001.

Once every few years "Horse Progress Days" is held there. Check for current location, as it hops around between Indiana, Ohio, & Penn.

This event is a demo sponsored (started) by companies that make NEW horsedrawn farming or logging equipment (ie.. new is more reliable, easier to get repaired or parts for). And you will see anything there from one horsedrawn equipment to 12 horse hitches. It's not a how to clinic, but a demo of the equipment you can buy. However, you can get connections to places where you can learn how to do these activities. They show a veriety of heavy horse breeds as well as mules, & oxen (I've even seen pictures of mini mules hitched alone & with heavy drafts).

I've heard that Dinky's has regular farm equipment (mostly old types that are hard to repair or find parts for) auctions.

I hope someone else can give you more info on what else goes on there.


-- animalfarms (, December 21, 2001.

HI I have wanted to go to this auction for a long time but it is so far away for us.Thanks for all the info. my wife and I will make it to the sale this coming year we will make a weekend of it by staying at one of the state parks. We live in Franklin county Indiana and it is I quess a 3 hour drive. Indiana Country friend Jack Bunyard

-- Jack Bunyard (, December 22, 2001.

Sorry the acual town is NOT Montgomery but cannelburg. I hauled coal from there for three years and I have lived here all my life. but yes do call in advance

-- grant (, December 22, 2001.

Been there, done that. It is a neat place but get there early or you will park in a muddy field (I know from experience). On March 6, 7 and 8, 2002 they are having their Spring Draft Horse~Carriage~Machinery~Antique Auction. For more info contact: Paul Raber (812)-486-2786 or Omer Knepp (812)-486-2866.

-- David (, December 26, 2001.

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