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I am planning on producing a pair of portfolios for my two daughters age 1 and 5. I want them to be a gift either for when they are older or if something happens to me while they are still young. My idea is to accumulate about 20 different images for each one and probably edit the selections as time goes by adding and subtracting. I would like some opinions on what others think would be an appropriate presentation device.

One choice is to contact print 4x5 and 8x10s and enlarge 35mm to 4x5 or 5x7, mount on an archival paper and place in some sort of a binded cover like a homemade coffee table book for more intimate viewing.

Second, I could print, mount and overmat in the presentation sizes that I would normally use for each image and have them stored in archival clamshell or slip cover boxes. This provides work that can be put on display as well as an easier task for later editing.

As always, thanks in advance for opinions, comments and suggestions.

-- James Chinn (, December 21, 2001


One of the nicest presentations I know of for individual gifts is as follows: a really good clamshell presentation box, say 11x14. Then print either enlargements or contacts with large white borders so that the photo paper itself becomes a pristine mat. Use a four-bladed easel for enlargments and a rubylith mask for contacts. Add a piece of interleaving tissue to protect the print surface and you're done. The prints can be interchanged later if you decide on a different combination.---Car

-- Carl Weese (, December 21, 2001.

James, This is a wonderful thought. And one that I pondered myself for quite some time. Wanting to present my daughter with a similar body of work.I finally realized that I was not presenting these personal moments to a gallery, but to my daughter for her to sit down with when ever the moment seemed right or share with her friends and intimates. And as much as I might have personaly wished that these times be this "major event" (sifting through - one at a time - lifting interleaving tissue, etc.) the best decission was to just put them into a expandable archival album, contained within a in a slip case that she and her friends could leaf through without worry.

-- James Megargee (, December 22, 2001.

I agree! This would be a BEAUTIFUL and tearful moment should you be able to make their weddings! I vote for the clamshell presentation. It could be a very classy presentation with archival overmats. I suggest going to Light Impressions (, viewing some of the clamshells and other supplies. I would imagine that you would at least want the 3"-4" clamshell so that you don't need to edit to much. Cheers and good luck with your endeavor!

-- Scott Walton (, December 26, 2001.

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