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My name is Glenn Lock and I will be moving to the Dallas area in the next few weeks and I am looking for a new place to worship the lord. If you could please contact me at 817-680-6340 and give me some details about your church, I would appreciate it. I would also be interested in having calls from several members of the congregation so that I can get varied opinions of the church. Thanks for your time. GL

-- Glenn Lock (, December 21, 2001


Glenn, although I am not in the Dallas area, here are some churches for you to consider:

Dallas Area Churches . . .

Anderson Chapel - Killeen, TX (10)
Anderson Chapel - Wichita Falls, TX (10)
Bethel - Dallas, TX (10)
Grant - Austin, TX (10)
Grant Chapel - Palestine, TX (10)
Greater Johnson Chapel - Ferris, TX (10)
Historic Allen Chapel - Fort Worth, TX (10)
Macedonia - Kaufman, TX (10)
Paul Quinn College - Dallas, TX (10)
Quinn Chapel - Denison, TX (10)
St. Paul - Dallas, TX (10)
Phone numbers for these churches may also be found in the listing at

-- Jerryl Payne (, December 27, 2001.

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