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Hello again, the frequently egg bound chicken I last mentioned isn't egg bound this time. She's been ill for nearly a week now and doesn't seem to be getting any worse or better. She is sluggish and vaguely weak on her feet yet still walking around with the others and eating / scratching all be it at a slower pace. She's fluffed up her feathers and her comb - while still being red and upright - has a sort of dusky colour to it. Also, does anyone know what it means to have yellow in the droppings? I don't think they're actually coming from the concerned bird. Also, they've been vaccinated against Newcastle Disease.

-- Katherine Dakin (, December 21, 2001


I had some turkey's running with chickens and they came down with black head. There droppings were yellow. I went to the Vet and he gave me some pills and I pushed them down there neck. One died and I finished raising three. jim

-- Jim Raymond (, December 21, 2001.

If you click the link and scroll down to 'Droppings,' you may find your answer:

Symptom Chart

-- ~Rogo (, December 22, 2001.

all is well. After a week of illness the aforementioned chicken trotted down from her hut without a care in the world, as if she hadn't given me several days of worry. I am learning that sometimes they just do that, to keep us on our toes. :-)

-- Katherine (, December 23, 2001.

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