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I have to pass a urine test, as per new company policy.

I know there are body masking/cleansers available for about $40.00 U.S but are there any of you that know of a better or less expensive alternatives?

Also, are any here familiar (technically) with these tests?

This is for marijuana only.

-- Spicolli (, December 20, 2001


Companies who test for drugs are bad news. They find the results they want to. If they don't like you, your toast.

Suggest that you refrain from marijuana if you really want to keep this job. None of those herbals work all that well, many tests render a false positive with the wrong combination of herbals. Hell, many test render a false positive anyway. You can't win. Best to get another job where they don't care.

-- (you@you.u), December 20, 2001.

Actually, I know nothing about circumventing drug tests, but it does bring up a memory from 2 y ago. It is a story of a lack of coordination.

A friend is an officer in a medical reserve unit. His unit went off for summer training. They got up the first day and were served a meal which included poppy seed muffins. Later in the day they were given drug tests. Of course they all failed. It caused an uproar until people found out about the muffins. LOL

Best Wishes,,,,


-- Z1X4Y7 (, December 20, 2001.

Technically familiar enough to know you're toast Spicolli. We sell self test kits. Mostly curious moms buy them and the kids eat every bush in the garden looking for an excuse. None work.

-- Carlos (, December 20, 2001.

Spicolli, years ago some guys were drugging women and gang raping them. One woman remained conscious, though unable to move or speak, throughout the rape. She was able to identify at least one or two of the men, and one confessed and ratted the others out.

She had been on a diet high in cranberry juice, which partially blocked the action of the drug. Don't know what it did to her urine, though. She may still have tested positive. Anyway, the kids around here drink a lot of cranberry juice before drug testing for sports.

If you lose this job, lay off the marijuana. If you keep this job, thank God, and lay off the marijuana. It makes you stupid and you don't realize it.

-- helpful helen, codependent enabler (, December 20, 2001. recently advertised a product for the exact situation you're in. Chech his home page - the ad was right before the listing of news stories. Good luck.

-- Don't (, December 21, 2001.

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