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The pope is joining all the false religions together, and all who follow him and this antichrist prayer shall suffer the wrath of God( Revelations 17) In January he will be asking Satan to bring peace to Isreal, peace and safety then sudden destruction, watch and see! In Jesus name may God open your eyes in your minds to understand truth! All will be forced great and small to recieve the mark of the beast whose name aren't in the lambs book os life. Our sins seperate us from God, unless a man be born again he cannot eneter into the kindom of God! If you don't read the Bible, then what is your sin?

-- Jesus is the truth (, December 19, 2001


Oh my. Came here doing a Google search of the words "wave of fear". Pathetic, totally.

-- Bob-T (, February 19, 2002.

Go get some snacks.Per-haps a car-bo-nated so-da.

-- Evil Betty AKA Master Pain (, August 18, 2002.

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