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I called the Oceanside in at 1-800-528-1234 to reserve a room at the hotel. The lady told me they are not taking any more reservations the only way to get a room there is to go there the day before, so she suggested 2 other hotels which are both Best Westerns in the same vacinity (about 3 miles away). There is the Marina Inn Yacht which will take a credit card deposit rooms range from $119 - $129 or the Best Western Ft. Lauderdale Inn for $79 - $89. Didi and I are reserving a room there for the night. You can go to their website if you want. Go to a search and type in Ft. Lauderdale Inn and you'll find it there under Best Western Ft. Lauderdale Inn. Just another suggestion for those interested and it has a heated pool. In case you care.

-- Jenn Ray (, December 19, 2001

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