Hi You guys!

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Man I had a hard time getting on here...but hi to everyone who visits! This is a great site and was named the Best Heath Site on HeathonFire...not that that holds too much clout...but its fun! LOL! Keep up the great work you guys and Happy Holidays to everyone! Take care, Gina

-- Gina Hart (ginalyn@intouchmi.com), December 18, 2001


Lady have I missed you this week!!! I am never online!!! I'm running late for Christmas!!! I procrastinate too bad! Trying to get everything mailed and finished! I bet yall think IM DEAD !!! LOL!!!! Thanks for visiting us! Hope after Christmas I can get some new graphics up here and the wonderful Linda will get us some more Interviews and We can finally get the Roar page done!!! We are a collaboration! Hee Hee Hee!


-- Amanda in Georgia! (babysquirrel77@msn.com), December 19, 2001.

Hey Amanda if you are never online who is using your IM and talking to me every night LOL And I like the wonderful Linda part LOL I think you should know all the graphics on here are done by the TALENTED Amanda. And yeah we hope to be working on some ROAR stuff for the site soon, that means I may have to watch all the episodes again to do a write up, its a tough job but someone has to do it. Yeah we are a collaboration...a meeting of one track minds LOL

-- Linda (ad33nil@yahoo.co.uk), December 19, 2001.

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