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I have been doing all my capturing into Premiere 6 using 12 bit 32khz. For the first time, I have used 16 bit 48khz. I know how set the audio for 48khz. However, premiere gives the "fault" error stuff and locks up as soon as I begin playing off the GL1. I have experimented enough to know that it is only happening when I have recoded in 16 bit instead of 12 bit. ANY ideas on what I am doing wrong? By the way I am using a PYRO card and have updated premiere to 6.01.

-- Greg Davault (, December 18, 2001


Greg, I have no contribution to your problem, however, would you give me your opinion on Cannon GL1 for amateur work. I am considerig it and doing my research. Thanks

-- Nick (, December 24, 2001.

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