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I got this package in the mail from Jonathan. I opened it, and it was a battery powered flying pig.


With gossamer wings. :)

I might take a picture of the thing and post it.

(Where'd he FIND that?!?)

-- Stephen M. Poole (, December 18, 2001


Does it actually fly????

-- Cherri (, December 18, 2001.


I've been admiring it for the last past longest; I haven't grown the nerve to actually put batteries in the thing yet. :)

-- Stephen M. Poole (, December 18, 2001.

Well Stephen, if it came from Jonathan, you can bet it is perfection in design and exectution! Give it whirl! We'd love to see a picture when ya get it going! (Oh, and thanks for sharing!)

-- Aunt Bee (, December 18, 2001.

A scoundrel worth having around. Address here Jonathan is 12112 4th St. Yucaipa, CA. 92399 in case you got another whirlygig. Nice show.

Christmas cookies welcome as well.

-- Carlos (, December 18, 2001.


A picture isn't good enough. You need to upload a movie of that thing! Also, maybe Jonathan should send one to Ed Yourdon LOL!

-- Buddy (, December 19, 2001.


-- (interested p@r.ty), December 20, 2001.

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