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I have not yet received my issue of Lines South as of December 18th. Wasn't the most recent issues mailed out a few weeks ago?

Wes Woodruff Orlando, FL 32708

-- Wes Woodruff (, December 18, 2001



We hear you and don't disagree. Believe me, we are working hard to get past these problems. The latest delay was caused by a mistake by the printer - they used the wrong type of paper and we felt we should get them re-run rather than send out an inferior product. Despite this glitch, we think the current printer overall does an excellent job for the price and plan for the moment to stick with them. One other thing we have learned about this printer, however, is that they take a much longer lead time than we had been used to. We have now set a revised deadline schedule for 2002 to accommodate this and that should see the issues back on a regular mailing basis. Our aim is to have them to members around the middle of every quarter. We may miss this by a little bit for the First Quarter 2002 but expect to be on schedule after that. Thanks again for everyone's patience.

-- Larry Goolsby (, December 20, 2001.

The process of getting the Lines South to the members seems to be turning into a chronic problem. The last time which I inquired about this I was told it was because of a US Mail mix-up. I believe this problem needs to be seriously looked at by the board and fixed once and for all. I think I can speak for all of us in saying the it is true that the Lines South is a superior publication, I think that is why we all want it so badly.

Thanks and Happy Holidays to all! Bill

-- Bill Middlemas (, December 19, 2001.

Wes, We unfortunately have experienced additional delays getting out this issue. It is now scheduled to go into the mail the first of next week. We apologize for the delay but believe everyone will really enjoy the issue when it arrives. This issue will have feature articles on "Pig Trails of Southwest Georgia," a colorful account of the former Seaboard lines west of Savannah in the 1960s-70s, plus "The Dispatchers," a lengthy interview with two experienced Seaboard dispatchers and how they got trains over the road using both the train order system and CTC. It will also have many of our regular columns, including the full story of the Whopper Hopper’s rescue in Museum and Preservation News, all the latest model product news in Paul Faulk’s The Interchange Track, and photo highlights from the ACL & SAL HS annual meeting in Tampa. Also, the issue announces major holiday discounts (up to 15%) on purchases from our product catalog – the sale is in effect NOW, so please take advantage of it! Order any of our products and take the following discounts:

- Orders totaling $50.00 to $99.99, 10% off - Orders of $100.00 to $149.99, 15% off - Orders of $150.00 and above, 15% off PLUS a free copy of our Weldon print (item AP-1)

Just use our catalog order form (which can be printed from our web site) and deduct the appropriate amount in the space provided. These discounts are available on individual orders received or postmarked on or before January 15, 2002. Memberships are not included.

-- Larry Goolsby (, December 18, 2001.

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