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Calling all Central of Georgia diehard fans out there, time to sharpen your knowledge and CofGA skills. The GS&F RR Historical Society needs your assistance please. The CofG and the GS&F yards merged with one another in Macon long before the Southern Rwy arrived in Macon. We would like to know what year did the CofGA cease using their former yard in Macon? Is the so called "West Yard" near Cherokee Brick part of the original CofGA yard? Does anyone have a good photo of the yards merging with one another? Did the CofG or the GS&F have joint trackage rights to get to their perspective terminals (CofG went down the east side of 5th Street down to their Union Depot while the GS&F went down the west side down to Plum St.). ANy information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Professionally yours, Mark

-- Mark Mosely (, December 18, 2001


Mark, I have a couple of photos of the Macon Yard at two different times (40s). They were made from the "old T-bridge" which crossed the yard. The GS&F roundhouse and shops are seen. Would either of these be of use to you. Also, I have an air view of the whole CG yard a man gave me some years ago. It was made sometime during the 50s. don worthy

-- Donald Worthy (, December 10, 2003.

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