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I'm considering building one of the layouts contained in the Atlas Introduction to N Scale Model Railroading. In fact, it's the last one in the book. This plan has a maximum of 11' curves and a minimum of 9 3/4. I've been told that running anything like a 2-8-2 would look too "toy like". My questions, then, are these:

-How would a 2-8-0 and 4-6-0 look here? -Did SAL run on double main lines around 1905 - 1910? -Were there any double mains during this time? (My ignorance in railroading is now showing).

This is my first layout and I'd sure like to be able to run two trains if possible, but in the most realistic setting as possible.

Thanks in advance for your input.

-- John B. Hill (, December 18, 2001


John, Oooooh, tough question. If this is your first layout I'd really advise a very simple one to start with. There are many things to learn (more than you would think) and a small layout makes the learning easier and more fun. The Seaboard did have a few streches of double track, but done very long. About 8 miles from Norlina south toward Henderson, NC; a shared double track with the Southern from Boylan St in Raleigh to Cary (rr Fetner, and if memory serves from Aberdeen to Hamlet NC. And yes bigger radius curves look better, they also help the trains run better, but if you are having fun with sharp curves so what! John

-- John Edwards (, December 18, 2001.

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