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I just learned how to post pictures into the forum! I mentioned in another thread that I paint animal portraits on shirts. Today I got some photos of some shirts I did for a lady in Walterville. One is of a mare I painted last year. She is a Kiger, which is a type of mustang. Jacki

-- Jackie Goss (, December 17, 2001


That's beautiful! Do you have a website, to sell your shirts? Tell us MORE!!!

-- Marsha (, December 17, 2001.

Thank you for the compliment. I have a website on msn communities, and some photos on countrysidefriends. I have just been selling by word of mouth so far, but would like to grow the business enough to buy some land. Dreams are what keep us going sometimes!!! should get you to my (learning) web page. I do know that I have tons to learn! If you want a shirt done, E-mail me and I'll see if I can do it, or help you paint one yourself. Jacki

-- Jackie Goss (, December 17, 2001.

Hopefully I'm going to do this right. click here for my websiteJacki

-- Jackie Goss (, December 18, 2001.

put them on ebay, make sure to put a reserve on each one.

-- steve (, December 18, 2001.

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