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I was just wondering if anyone could comment on this: I have no privacy to practice. My piano is in a room by itself but it is open as is my whole house. Some day I plan to put a door in, but can't just now. How can I practice with others around all the time? Any suggstions would be very helful..thanks

-- Anon (, December 17, 2001


Well, I don't have a whole lot of advice on "practicing with an audience" other than to just find some way to get away from it. If you try to ask them to leave the room, they will usually just tell you that they're "not really listening anyway," which I will never believe. ;-) Personally, I practice away from home all the time (usually at my church) which usually guarantees privacy. However, even if you can't practice away from home all the time, it can definitely help to do so even as little as once every week or two. If you can just find a church or school (or even someone else you know who has a piano) who would be willing to let you practice by yourself once in a while, it can really help you to focus on the music. Believe me, I used to struggle with the exact same problem. It is so much more comfortable and less distracting to be able to practice alone. Hope this helps!

-- Andrew (, December 17, 2001.

I had a room like that once. I just hung up a large heavy curtain in teh doorway. Worked pretty well for me.

-- Jason (, December 17, 2001.

I can't remember having too many opportunities to practice away from my family over the years, but then I'm not particularly shy with my playing!

If you feel your lack of privacy is hindering your playing, why not get a weighted controller keyboard (, a piano sound module and a pair of headphones? Expensive, but then you'd be able to practice 24/7 without anyone hardly noticing.

-- Dave Lodge (, December 21, 2001.

...Read Biographies of the Greatest Musicians of all times: Few had privacy - and many did not have electricity. What you really need is 'Absolute mental concentration in your focus.' As a result you will find that it will improve your performance skills in front of all audiences. The ONLY time you lack of practice privacy could be a problem in inhibiting your growth in skills, is if other people in the house are not supportive of your playing - and give you a hard time. Remember - Power of the Mind!

-- Megan Kennedy (, March 26, 2002.

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