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could u pls. tell me the s/w with which i can scan the photo negatives and it should generate the photo out of it on the pc..

-- rk aggarwal (, December 17, 2001


Vuescan is the software to use, for this kind of work,that i know of it works on lots of listed scanners( type vuescan into your search engine ). However It did not work on my SCANTAK . One point it clear to me, LIGHT can be used to pass through the negative to get a result though it depends on the scanning software you are using, it may have a transp: button, or it might work it you can invert the image ie white to black, or black to white You can see i have had a go myself, with no real answer yet, i would like to scan some old negs myself so if you come across a not too expensive solution, I would be happy to hear about it. There is a special piece of kit to do the job, costs around 85 English pounds.

-- jonroywill (, October 29, 2002.

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