Hen House question vinyl siding a plus ?

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I want to construct a 8' x 8' henhouse, and use vinyl siding. Will rats gnaw through it? If you answer YES, I also have a large supply of like-new hardware cloth, which I plan to build a fence around the proposed chicken yard (16 x 40) and also cover it overhead with the hardware cloth. Buddy in east Georgia

-- Charles Haddon Jr. (Buddybud@csranet.com), December 15, 2001


do you have extra siding around? or are you buying it? If your buying it ,,dont. not for a coop. Yes,, rats,, coon,, possoms,, chipmunks,,dogs, and cats can and will go thru it to get chickens. SO the hardware cloth would have to go outside that.

-- stan (sopal@net-port.com), December 15, 2001.

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