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The Emporer's New Clothes

-- (, December 15, 2001


Try and figure where these weirdos are coming from. They seem to be Leftists. They seem to be anti-Bush. OK, but they are also strongly pro-Serbian, anti-Kosovo, anti-NATO.

I recall the very Left Anthony Lewis, writing in the New York Times, explained how important it was that NATO (the US, Clinton's US) prevent Serbia (by force) from ethnic-cleansing the Muslim Bosnians and Albanians. Which we did, you are welcome Islam.

This site is also alarmed by Bushladen. Anita, call your office.

Something for everyone, folks.

-- (, December 15, 2001.

Good to see you onboard in looking for political news, Lars. Now, what's this about a "conspiracy theory"? I don't think there's any conspiracy at all. The Bush Administration is doing whatever it wants to do under a "veil of secrecy", and even the WSJ [Eve's favorite rag] noticed.

-- Anita (, December 15, 2001.

Are you a Milosevic mama, Anita?

LINK from Emporer's Duds

-- (, December 15, 2001.

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