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I’m seeking corporate details of the Charleston & West Carolina. Does anyone please have the incorporation dates of its two predecessors, the Port Royal & Augusta Railway, and the Port Royal & Western Carolina Railway, and, more importantly, the specific date upon which the C&WC was actually created.

Also, I often see the C&WC being referred to as both a “railroad” and a “railway”. Did it ever go through any reorganization and name change after being created? Thank you.

-- Stephen Dale (s.dale1@excite.co.uk), December 15, 2001


The Port Royal & Augusta Railway was the result of the reorgainziation of the Port Royal Railroad on October 1, 1878.

The Port Royal & Western Carolina Railway was the result of the consolidation on October 27, 1886, of the Augusta & Knoxville RR, the Greenville & Laurens RR, the Greenwood, Laurens, & Spartanburg RR, and the Savannah Valley RR.

The Charleston & Western Carolina Railway was chartered on September 16, 1896, as a consolidation of the PR&A and PR&WC railroads. (Both were in receivership at the time.) It actually acquired the PR&A on October 3, 1896, and the PR&WC on September 26, 1896, although the C&WC may have been operating both companies prior to the actual purchase.

All of the C&WC's official documents that I have seen (mostly annual reports and passes) use the word "Railway" rather than "Railroad" in the corporate title. I don't believe I have ever seen anything issued by the company with the word "Railroad" in the corporate title.

Hope this helps.

Bob Hanson

-- Robert H. Hanson (RHanson669@aol.com), December 18, 2001.

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