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Call me an elitist, but I just can't stand all this commericial trash that's out there. All these kids at school are hatin' just litenin t all the grbage like slipknot. Thay buy all this junk at spencer's at the mall and stuff. Pretty funny!!! HA!!!

I only like all the top underground DJs (oakenfold, micro, keoki, etc.). Just wundrin' if anyone else feels the same. I dunno...gonna have to get some of "Tha 1's n' 2's" for X-Mas this year!!!! Do it right, you know. Just seein' wutzup in the N to the C but not tha S might as well be tha wes'!!!! Goin up north to the fourth I decree, but only the north of the big 'C' in carolina, drinkin' wine-a...from here to chine-a I won't decline-a.

I'm gonna have to get the M to the I to see. To complement my gemini ability. (ALREADY GOT A MIXER SO DO NOT FRONT!!! F-YEAH MAN!!! BIG UPS ANYONE??? COME ON?!?!?!?!?!)

Anybody got some advice! Think twice! 2-blind-mice!!! BOH!!!

Peas, y'all!

Ravers, keep on on ravin! PLUR!! The one...the onlee! W-i-CK-e-D TR-anc-E!!!

-- Anonymous, December 15, 2001

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