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It was pretty obvious from the beginning that the government was more interested in fulfilling the primary objectives of the NWO elite before they actually went after Bin Laden, but now the Taliban has been removed and Bin Laden has been cornered for several days.

We know that Bin Laden will commit suicide before he allows himself to be taken, and that this will be the signal to Al Qaeda to launch several more attacks. If he is killed before he commits suicide this would effectively send the same signal.

Whether or not it is true, the media is feeding us the story that "Phase Two" attacks will begin anythime after this Sunday, the last day of Ramadan. Rather than killing Bin Laden now and being blamed for the attacks that immediately follow, it appears that our government is waiting until at least Sunday to finish off Bin Laden. Then they will just claim that all of the attacks that are launched against us had nothing to do with killing him, they will say that they would have occurred anyway.

Makes one wonder about the validity of this story that the government has been telling the media about a supposed warning of post-Ramadan attacks. Sounds like something they cooked up to cover their asses.

-- Suspicious (too many lies @ government-controlled. media), December 15, 2001


Well, asses are being covered at an alarming rate, it seems.

Everything must be secret, because if it's NOT, someone will find out what we've REALLY done, or NOT done and maybe even WHY.

-- Anita (, December 15, 2001.

Bush loves to deceive people, he has done it all of his life. He likes to believe that we "common people" are too stupid to handle the truth and that only he and a few priveleged others are smart enough to know what to tell us. He has always had plenty of money all of his life, so the only thing that makes him feel powerful is controlling other people.

-- (dubya@total.sleazebag), December 15, 2001.

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