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Flight 587 crashed on takeoff on 11/12/01. Does anyone know of a final NTSB report? Here is the most recent update that I can find. Conspiracy buffs claim that spectators saw the plane explode before the tail came off (ie, sabotage). They claim that the gubmint wants to cover up this sabotage because it occurred well after airport security was "improved" due to 9/11. They claim that there is a security video of the plane in flight that has been withheld.

It does seem odd that this crash has slipped from the news. Maybe someone should write a letter to Bill O'Reilly.

-- (, December 15, 2001


We shot it down. Tee hee heee.

-- (UBL@Tora Bora Bora.NOT an Irish lullaby), December 15, 2001.

I believe they found evidence that the plane was sabotaged. They decided to keep the whole story classified until we kill Bin Laden and get rid of the remaining Al Qaeda within our country.

-- (just@another.coverup), December 15, 2001.


I believe I read that the plane was defective when produced. They tried to patch it rather and taking it back and rebuilding the tail. I smell big lawsuits against the producer.

Best Wishes,,,,,


-- Z1X4Y7 (, December 15, 2001.

Now that we're discussing this in a gated community, perhaps the Real Hawk will step forward and give us his analysis :-)

-- (just, December 15, 2001.

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